We believe in giving our customers the best return on their investment. These are some of the technologies that we use in our systems.


Summary: These might be the best technologies out there for the price.

What if I have existing cabling? In most instances, these technologies are a great 

fit for you. It's a matter of swapping out the equipment and replacing the existing 

lines that may not be up to par.

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IP Cameras

Summary: IP stands for Internet Protocol, it basically refers to a digital camera that can transmit digital video  via a computer network as opposed to sending it to a Digital Video Recorder (DVR). It uses a Network Video Recorder (NVR) that can be installed anywhere in your facility.

Cabling: Needs Cat 5E or better. It can also do power, video and audio over one single 

cable. Minimizing the cabling and power supplies needed. 
  • This is definitely the best option for new installations and for future -proofing your installation
PriceContact us today for the  best up to date pricing.